HBCU Graduate Creates Kulture Karaoke Card Game

HBCU graduate Dae Fenwick launched Kulture Karaoke, a musical pop-culture card game, set to be released in Target stores nationwide on Nov. 8, according to Global Times.

The game was introduced at Fenwick’s 2020 birthday party when she invited family and friends to a karaoke bar in Atlanta.

The Detroit native graduated from Clark Atlanta University and Texas Southern University. She is a licensed attorney who decided to be innovative by having guests pick cards and choose songs based on categories that take them back to a fond childhood memory, such as “a song that reminds you of middle school.”

The reaction to this party favor was nothing but positive from family and friends. That was the green light for Kulture Karaoke to become a new party game for the masses.

“I am so excited to bring Kulture Karaoke into Target stores,” said Fenwick via a statement. “Over the past few years, Target has become a prime retailer for party games. Also, with their commitment to supporting Black-owned businesses, it is the perfect match.”

Fenwick has a vision for making products that are for Black people and created by Black people. Now Black families across the United States can pick up this new game that taps into people’s nostalgia.

“One thing that the success of Kulture Karaoke has shown me is that the sky’s the limit,” said Fenwick. “The game in its current form focuses mainly on 1990’s and early 2000’s Hip Hop and R&B categories. But there is so much other great music that I plan to explore in the future, like 80s music, 70s music, and other genres. Also, since the game focuses on culture, there is the opportunity to expand into other categories, like Black TV shows or movies. I am excited to create additional products that will continue to celebrate our culture.“


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