Florida A&M University Rattles Tallahassee With ‘Epic’ Homecoming Return

As the young folks say, Florida A&M University is looking “lit” as the students, alumni, faculty and staff return for an epic homecoming weekend following the COVID-19 pandemic, after having a virtual event in 2020. 

Homecoming is in full swing in Tallahassee, where big names including sports commentator Steven A. Smith and American film producer Will Packer showed up to celebrate.

FAMU Gears Up for Homecoming with Celebrity Guests From ESPN

“I always look for inspiration and an opportunity to connect. It’s a great time to come back, it literally is FAMU-ly. There’s a time to really be able to see what your other classmates have done, to celebrate those accomplishments… spread the love, share the love,” class of 1991 alumna Olivia told BNC’s Jimmy Marlow. 

Packer, an Emmy Award-winning producer, was also able to witness the unveiling of Will Packer Performing Arts Amphitheater. He took the time to share some encouraging words with students in front of the newly named building, regarding their opportunities and choices. 

Emmy Award Winning Producer Will Packer Speaks at FAMU About Opportunities

“It’s never been about can we as a community do it, it’s never been about do we have the talent?” he said. “It’s never been about do we have the ability; it’s always been about do we have the opportunity and do we believe that we can do it?” 

BNC correspondent Jamiese Price reported live from FAMU, where she said the energy was high and the campus was full of generations of alumni.  

Energy High at FAMU as Students, Alumni Celebrate Homecoming

She spoke to class of 2022 student Chaz Clarke, who said, “It’s definitely giving what needs to be gave.”  

Clarke shares one of the things he loves most about FAMU is it represents a sense of family and all professors live up to the university’s “Excellence With Caring” motto, adding that it’s about so much more than just receiving an education.  


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